Transition Year Programme

The Transition Year Programme is available to Fourth-Year students. It is not mandatory and the Transition Year Policy is available on this website in the Policies section. Transition Year gives students many wonderful opportunities to grow and develop outside of the classroom. We place great emphasis on personal development in TY, as well as academic progress also. TY affords students the opportunity to learn more about themselves, with activities such as Voluntary Work, Work Experience, Musicals/Dramas, Foreign Trips, Gaisce,  YSI, and many more being made available to all students. We also use e-Portfolios to enhance students learning and self-management. The skills that students develop during Transition Year can be of huge benefit to them as they carry these skills in to their Senior Cycle education.


Core Subjects                                                                      Modules

Gaeilge                                                                                  Environmental Studies

English                                                                                  Nutrition

Maths                                                                                    Cookery

Spanish                                                                                 DIY Skills

Physics                                                                                  Enterprise

Chemistry                                                                             Sports Science

Biology                                                                                  Art

Physical Education                                                              Technology

                                                                                             Cultural Studies

                                                                                             Computer Science